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How to Rent poles

  • If you have questions, please call or email us

  • We rent poles to only to residents living in the United States

Information we will need:
  • What pole(s) you want- You must rent 2 or more poles. We have over 650 poles in stock. If the pole you want is rented we will order it for you.

  • If you want “add ons”- Insurance, Bags, Grip Tape, Helmets 

  • How you want to get them- Pick up or shipping. Pick up location is Fuzion Athletics Minnesota or Kentucky unless other arrangements are made

  • When you want the poles- we can have poles ready within hours of contact

  • How you are paying for the poles- PO, cash, check, credit card or PayPal. We need one of these before the poles leave our training facilities.

  • We will return emails or phone calls with a confirmation of pick up time

  • At time of pick up or before shipment the pole(s), we will need a signed liability and insurance waiver, copy of a photo ID and a signed rental contract.

  • You must load pole(s) on your own car or truck, please bring rope or bungees

Try Before You Rent: *Kentucky Branch Only

If you want to test poles or before with your vaulter you can :

• Saturday's  ONLY  if not schedule  – test at our indoor training facility

• Cost $50 for two hours of vaulting 

• FYI: Minnesota summer and winter camps use our rental poles for all camps, sign up to train on our poles


• IN SEASON Rental can start at the beginning of your season 

• If you live outside of Minnesota or Kentucky and we will have to shipping poles, we will need an address with a loading dock.

• We accept P.O., cash, check, credit-card.

How to Return Poles:

• All poles must be returned at the conclusion of the athlete’s season. You are responsible for dropping them off at Fuzion Athletics or setting up a shipping date for return.

• Athletes qualifying for the state meet can return their poles to us at the MN and KY State Meet. You must set up these arrangements with us first. Otherwise, athletes that qualify for the state meet must return the poles to our training facility within seven days of the state meet.

• A late fee will be charged as a weekly rental rate ($35 a week). Non high school rentals will have their own due dates.

• All poles will be inspected. If there are any damages you will be contacted and charged the retail price for a replacement.

What you need to do before you can return them:

Contact us and set up a time to drop off

Remove all grip tape

Exchange Rental Poles:

Example: You rent a 13’ 170 and a 13’ 175 and you need the next pole because you are not using the 13’ 170. Exchange it for a 13’ 180 or 14’ 170 for $10 per pole (plus shipping) or pickup.

• Contact us and let us know what you need (start the renting process over)

• Cost $25 per pole plus the difference of the upgrade

• You cover all shipping cost or deliver fees