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Fuzion Athletics is an independent track and field club, specializing in pole vault training for high school, college and even elite vaulters. We have vault facilities  in Lexington,  Kentucky, where we primarily serve the Bluegrass region around Louisville and Lexington Kentucky as well as the southern parts of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, Tennessee, and also in Minnesota serving all of the State of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. We have a history of producing great vaulters and work hard to deliver an environment that provides not only the pole vault coaching expertise but also the right atmosphere and guidance to empower athletes to grow as individuals, cultivate their sense of self-confidence, and establish the leadership skills to succeed beyond the pole vault runway.


Fuzion Athletics, Inc. was founded in Minnesota in 2008 by Jamie Steffen to address the state-wide needs for more specialized pole vault training. Pole vaulting is a very difficult sport requiring speed, strength and agility unlike any other activity, and as a result requires more specialized coaching and opportunities to train in a more year-around schedule, which is beyond what typical high schools, and many colleges can provide. Jamie started Fuzion Athletics with the vision to provide an independent facility where athletes of all skill levels can train in a positive environment and achieve their highest potential. The Minnesota program started with just 10 athletes and has since grown to over 200 vaulters participating in training on an annual basis.


In 2012 Jamie established another Fuzion facility in Kentucky to address a similar deficiency of independent pole vaulting coaching expertise and training opportunities in that region. The Kentucky facility, now located in Lexington and serves the entire State of Kentucky as well as the southern parts of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and is now the hub of the rental used pole world. The Minnesota Fuzion activities are now run by Jim Moeller, a long-time Masters vaulter for the Fuzion Athletics club.

Fuzion Athletics provides a number of resources for dedicated pole vaulters, including indoor and outdoor technique camps allowing for year-round training; pole rentals and sales available to the local vault community via (a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuzion Athletics Inc., and now one of the nation’s largest pole vaulting pole rental and sales organizations); and also traveling opportunities with Team Fuzion to vaulting competitions across the country that help vaulters gain experience and exposure beyond local opportunities.


Our coaching staff brings a diversity of experience and a depth of knowledge to the Fuzion Athletics experience. Each coach goes through an interview process. They take a reflective approach to coaching and pursue all avenues of knowledge in order to create a better experience for all athletes. Some coaches choose to pursue advanced certifications. Others choose to travel around the United States and learn from the most knowledgeable coaches available. Some do both. Year after year our coaches prove their worth by producing notable results at high schools, colleges, and USATF National Meets.


Fuzion is dedicated to building champions of all ages by providing all the tools, techniques, education, and inspiration required to excel in this highly competitive sport. We devote all of our efforts to creating a motivating atmosphere of hard work and support. We develop close relationships with athletes, parents, and the greater track and field community. We are a family, and our values are simple: work hard and support each other.