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Why Rent Poles?

Pole Vaulting is a progressive event where athletes outgrow the poles they use. A typical athlete will progress through about four poles every season. Kids that improve rapidly will need even more poles. To ensure continued improvement and maximum safety, athletes need access to a progressive line of poles. With new poles costing up to $700.00, it simply is not cost-effective to regularly purchase new poles every time an athlete outgrows one. Every year budget cuts force schools to tighten funds for track programs. Money to buy four or more poles every season is tough to come by. Renting poles is the rational, cost effective way to keep athletes safe and keep athletes improving, and we at are committed to offering an unmatched level of customer service to help every athlete improve reach their potential.

  • Rent 3 poles for about the price of buying one new one pole.

  • If you outgrow a pole during the rental season, you can exchange it for the next pole. 

  • Renting pole will always help the athlete continue to improve.

Why Buy Poles?


If you have the money and desire to own your poles let us know! We are the largest pole distributors out there, so we get the best pricing. For more information, click the button "Buy Poles Now!" that is located at the top of the page.

2018 Pole Information


There are four seasons that you can rent, you pay per season. There is a 2 pole rental minimum.


Shipping: (1-10 Poles)

$160-180 each way.

Via: Southwest or Freight 

Free Pick up:

Lexington, Kentucky

Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

Track season is our busiest time of the year! We are doing our best to get back to you in a timely manner.

Call, text, then email. In this order and we will follow up as soon as we can. Please note: If you are wanting to buy used poles, we will try to help but buying used poles during track and field season is hard for us.

UST Essx Poles * 2018 Prices

Length        Buy New   Buy Used*    Rent

  9’0”           $305         $270              ——-

  10’0”         $315         $275             $150

  11’0”         $325         $285             $150  

  11’6”         $455         $318             $160

  12’0”         $485         $340             $165

  12’7”         $505         $354             $170

  13’1”         $545         $381             $180

  13’7”         $575         $403             $190

  14’1”         $605         $423             $205

  14’7”         $680         $476             $225  

  15’1”         $780         $546             $260

  15’7”         $830         $581             $280

  16’1          $860         $602             $290

  16’5          $880         $616             $385

  16'9          $900         $630              -----


Why UST-Essx?

The psychological barrier is the hardest vault for an athlete to make. What changes have to be made to compensate for variation between poles such as weight, bend profile and return? A vaulter has to adjust their speed, amount of force put into the pole, and timing. These factors prevent an athlete from focusing on performing at their highest level during competition. At UST-Essx they focus on designing their product so there is a smooth progression between poles.

What a vaulter looks for in a pole:

  • Light and consistent carry weight

  • Uniform bend

  • Minimal body shock

  • Greater percent return

At UST-Essx, they use hybrid composites to produce light-weight durable poles. They pre-bend their poles to reduce initial body shock and use symmetry to prevent pole twisting. They optimize bend profile for the greatest return.

Carbon fiber provides the ability to fine tune stiffness due to the wide range of available properties. Carbon fiber provides large increases in stiffness with small increases in weight. At UST, they use over 100 different types of carbon in their tubular designs. The properties of carbon fiber allow them to manufacture lighter poles with a smaller handgrip.