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Length    Buy New*   Buy Used*    Rent*

  9’0”           $530         $300              ——-

  10’0”         $575         $000             $200

  11’0”         $675         $000             $200  

  11’6”         $710         $000             $200

  12’0”         $730         $000             $225

  12’7”         $785         $000             $225

  13’1”         $820         $000             $250

  13’7”         $850         $000             $250

  14’1”         $970         $000             $300

  14’7”         $910         $000             $325  

  15’1”         $985         $000             $350

  15’7”         $1005         $000             $600

  16’1          $1000         $000             $600

  16’5          $1100         $000             $600

  16'9          $---         $000              -----

*NEW pole prices are MSRP, We have a number of sales and try our best give great discounts. We want to work with you and do our best to price match other services.


*Used poles are no more than the listed new pole prices, typically there is a bigger discount if you purchase more poles



New poles for the TEAM? - we can price you out for a bag of poles- RENT, or BUY as well to get you a great line for the season.

There is 4 season that you can rent. Rental price reflex one rental season - Pick the season(s) that you need. Do not forget there is a 2 pole minimum for rentals. (rental season is 3 months)


Shipping: 1-10 poles same prices (up to a 6" tube)

$200 flat to you and return is $100. 2 days (same day($100

fee) via Southwest Airlines - see map on the bottom of every page

Free Pick up:

Lexington, Kentucky 

Spring is our busiest time of the year! We are doing our best to get back to you in a timely manner.


Call, text, then email us in this order and we will follow up as soon as we can. (


Please note: If you are wanting to buy used poles, we can try to help, but buying used poles this time of the year is hard since many poles are rented out.

*We do sell our rental poles, but to get used prices listed rentals must be 2 years old, if the pole your looking for is a newer poles (2 months old we will have to quote you a new price.) We are very far with selling slight used poles but we can't give the house away. We have been doing this for over 10 years and we are still are in business for a reason.

Listed used prices are a guideline for us, not every pole is in the same shape so prices will vary. Contact us for a quote

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