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Pole Insurance ($95)

We offer “Insurance” for rental poles at an additional cost. You may want this in case of accidental spiking or breaking of a pole. We are the first and only company to offer this. Pole manufacturers do not offer this. You do not have to buy this to rent poles.

How does this work?

There is a one time charge per season of $95.00 for up to 4 poles, then $15 for each additional rental pole. This covers any poles that may get spiked or break during your rental. This is a non refundable fee. We must have all the pieces of pole returned to us. Claims must be made within 24 hours of damage. Fuzion Athletic Inc. will not pay for the pieces of a broken pole to be mailed back to us. However, we will replace the pole within 4 business days.

By not buying “Insurance” you agree to rental terms regarding damaged poles. Additionally, if a pole is returned in unfavorable condition you will be charged the cost of a replacement pole. As a reference, last season we had only six (6) poles replaced out of 502 rented. Since 2008 we only had 13 poles break during the rental process.

This insurance does not cover any injury or death that may occur while or during the use of a Fuzion Athletics Inc pole(s) or equipment. This can not be added to the purchase of new poles. This will cover poles during the shipping process to and from Fuzion Athletics Inc, Kentucky, Texas and Minnesota locations.