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How to Return Poles:

• All poles must be returned at the conclusion of the athlete’s season. You are responsible for dropping them off at or setting up a shipping date for return with us via email or call. We will process all paper work at that time.


• My athletes qualified for the state meet? Athletes that qualify for the state meet must return the poles to our training facility within seven days of the state meet.


• A late fee will be charged as a weekly rental rate ($35 a week). Non high school rentals will have their own due dates.

• All poles will be inspected. If there are any damages you will be contacted and charged the retail price for a replacement.


What you need to do before you can return them:

• Contact us and set up a time to drop off - We will get you everything you need to ship pole(s) back

• Remove all grip tape


Exchange Rental Poles:

Example: You rent a 13’ 170 and a 13’ 175 and you need the next pole because you are not using the 13’ 170. Exchange it for a 13’ 180 or 14’ 170 for $10 per pole (plus shipping) or pickup.

• Contact us and let us know what you need (start the renting process over)

• Cost $25 per pole plus the difference of the upgrade

• You cover all shipping cost or deliver fees (We ship via southwest airline) flat rate $150 first trip and 70 each trip after.

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