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​Need help finding the right pole?

Try our Pole Calculator or feel free to contact us.

Need help finding the right pole?

Try our Pole Calculator or feel free to contact us.


High School Pole Rentals

Season rental rates, per pole: 1st day to last day of the High School season. We will accept reservations at any time prior to the start of every season with a minimum of two (2) poles at a time.

Rentpoles does not generally ship rental poles in Kentucky state lines, you must pick them up form one of our pickup centers or facilities. Rentpoles is committed to serving every customer with the poles they need as quickly as we can.


Out of State Rentals:

Season rental rates are listed here. Out of state rentals are available from the start to the end of your state’s high school season. Poles must be returned at the end of your season. For example, if an athlete does not qualify for the state meet the pole(s) must be returned before the state meet. Every state will have its own contract based on start and end dates.


We can ship and cover all poles with insurance. Therefore, if something happens to the poles when they are shipped to you, they are insured. This saves you the frustration and hassle of any possible shipping disasters. But remember, poles are NOT covered after shipment has arrived, unless you get insurance with us. We can add shipping INS for extra 45$


Pricing on two (2) poles anywhere in the country is $150 each way via pick up at a Southwest Airlines location. We arrange shipping pickup and drop off you with our fly-away-poles program. Shipping to you $150 flat rate, $60-75 returning rate to us. to exchange is 60-75 shipping fee.

You are responsible for shipping cost each way as well as exchange rates. We will work to ensure you get the best rates.


College Pole Rentals:

Same terms as High School or Out of State rentals, but based on the start of your season.


Non College, Elite Athlete Programs, and Off-season Rentals:

You may contact us and we will set up an individual plan to help you get what you need. We are striving to keep elite athletes in the spotlight of the sport and have them act as role models for younger athletes. To ensure this, we are willing to help elite athletes in many ways. If you are not getting poles from the manufactures, let us help you!


Weekly and Daily Rentals Kentucky and local state pick up ONLY:

Weekly and daily rentals open the last 2 weeks of your season. The rates are $65 per week (7 days) or $25 per day. Weekly and daily rentals are only available on in-stock poles. We will do whatever it takes to make sure every athlete gets the poles they need for their most important meets of the season. This is a great option for district, regional and state meet qualifying athletes or conference championships and nationals for older athletes. Remember, no poles will be rented to new clients during the last two weeks of the season. However, pole swapping is aloud for people who have already rented poles for the season; this can give you an edge in having exactly what you need at the end of your season.

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